Simple Breakfast Ideas (6m+


Vegan breakfast ideas (6m+) ; suitable for babies with egg and milk allergies:

  • Crumpets with Jam or Violife cheese spread
  • Alpro yoghurt or Petits Filous Dairy Free Almond Base yoghurt 
  • Cereal: Rice Krispies Multigrain Shapes or Cheerios
  • Fruit: Crushed blueberries, sliced grapes (depending on age: quarter or half vertically cut), puréed fruit or mashed banana
  • Simple toast with minimal Vitalite butter (Plant based),  Violife Cheese spread or Philadelphia Almond Based Cheese spread

Please make sure to get advice from your child’s dietician or do your own research on how to offer your child food to prevent choking and to ensure their safety. 

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